The ORSA MINORE Project addresses the demand for new crafts and professions in the marine and shipping trade. The sea has always promoted commercial and cultural exchanges, favouring communication rather than divisions between different countries. It has contributed to economic growth and scientific development.
Therefore, the partners involved in the project believe that the sea is also a deeply meaningful symbol of transnational cooperation and cultural globalisation. The changes in the marine sector have brought the ORSA MINORE partner to pinpoint new and diversified needs in the ship manning and management. Those changes require new crafts and professions to meet the trends of development in the medium to long term. Besides, the seaman mobility calls for suitable training and certificates validation systems, reliable at least within Europe. The workforce mobility also requires the use of elctronic devices such as the smart card, to prevent forgery.

Our contribution

Vision Systems has contributed to a computer system for replacing seaman with an smartcard-based system. Vision Systems has developed also for YouTube instructional videos.