Vision Systems is certified by ANCS Decision no. 9508/25.01.2011, as a research and development company.

European Projects

Vision Systems has been involved in European projects for many years, offering its technical skills and knowledge to help achieving the projects’ goals. The company has created for these projects virtual 3D worlds accessible through Internet, multimedia presentations, clips for YouTube, educational platforms, learning objects for intelligent mobile devices, on-line tests and questionnaires, interactivity tools and many more. The use of the latest technologies and techniques resulted in much appreciated products and confirmed the high standards on which Vision Systems builds its image, in full accordance with its mission.

Our research projects


Description The VET-TREND project is two-fold in that it aims at development and implementation of a distributed laboratory infrastructure as well as on creation of training and teaching activities on the basis of the lab infrastructure. The…


Description The TIPTOE project proposes to tackle the problem of interpretation and application of EQF- and ECVET-principles within one sector: the trade sector. Moreover, TIPTOE proposes to overcome not only the gap between the different…


Description The Molecole project seeks to develop a Learning Object (LO) methodology of execution and control, profitable in e-learning blended contexts, with an experimental and innovative approach, a small laboratory for testing the LOs in a wide…


Description The project V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l (I/05/B/F/PP-154149) was born directly from the partners. experiences in the chosen target sector that is the post-secondary non-university education and training system which is acquiring an ever…

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